Midterm Solution

As mentioned in the lab this morning, your midterm marks can be improved by obtaining a higher score on the final exam. If your final exam mark is higher, your midterm mark will be set to match that of your final exam. The solution to the midterm is posted with past years midterms. Further analytics about students’ performances on the midterm are provided below. [Read More]
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Assignment 1


I’ve put comments on your assignment submissions on dropbox, for those of you who actually handed something in. In the future, my life is made much easier if you either provide the .c file(s), or copy and paste your code into a .txt file. The solution is posted under the schedule beside the date it was assigned. [Read More]
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Welcome to my website

The site is up and running. Feel free to browse and let me know if you would like to see any other additions! [Read More]
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